These are good times and difficult times. Expenses are increasing and getting that extra income or some extra cash is important.  Who doesn't want a little extra cash that is quick money or easy money? The question is - what does one do to earn quick money or easy cash? Today there are enough opportunities for a person to 

  1. Earn extra cash or income - where you would like to earn income from home and get paid for your opinion 
  2. Get good deals & discounts and save money!

Image courtesy of Mr. GC] at FreeDigitalPhotos.netRemember - the keyword here is to earn the extra cash or extra money.  And of course save it too! Here are some good Earning & Saving Opportunities for you. These include - but are not limited to the following opportunities

Sounds like tough work? It isn't! 

Its All Quite Easy Stuff!

Companies know you are busy - they know you have other things to do. So they make surveys etc. easy to respond to. 

Download Apps and Earn

For instance - there is this mobilephone app - use it to download the apps that you normally use - a music app - a shopping app etc. 

And hey presto! You have earned money just for downloading these! 

Do you have to pay for downloading or using these Apps? No! 

And if some site does ask you to - simply don't download the App! 

Why would anyone on earth pay you for downloading their App?

Companies want you to try out their new Apps etc. They want to reduce their customer care and call centre costs - so they want you to use Apps. They would rather get the user t use their App than just rely on advertising alone. And in return for the money they save - they are willing to pay you - by way of incentives to download their Apps. 

Don't like the App? Lol. Un-install it after you have used it a bit. 

Answer Surveys On The Internet / Mobile Phone And Earn!Why would companies want to pay you? They are doing Market Research at a low cost. If they are in a hurry - this is the quickest route to do their Market Research. 

Get Free Product Samples

Do you know - companies even give free samples - like perfumes, soaps and cold drinks to see if you as a youngster like the stuff they are about to launch! 

This site will do all the reserach to sniff out such deals. And point you to them.

What more could you ask for?

Happy earning and happy saving!!!

(We want an invite for the next Pizza outing - you are getting discount coupons, after all!!!)

P.S. Just one word of advice - please be honest. It is only fair, Besides -  you will feel good at the end of the day - and you will not be booted out of their system (and lose some good opportunities).